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The story begins in 1910 when the original log cabin was constructed by the Dryden Pulp and Paper Mill as a residence for its manager at the time, E. Bonsfield. It was one of three company residences, and in 1919, was one of only five homes in Dryden that had electricity. Those who lived here enjoyed maid service as well as heating during the cold Northwest Ontario winters, provided by the two hot water heaters located in the basement. That same year, a second story was added when the Mill’s secretary-treasurer, Herve Humphreys, lived there.

In 1945, the building was purchased by its first private owners, Art Kunza and Lloyd Bruce. The new owners updated the building in 1952 by adding the main lobby, lounge, and rooms to the south of the dining room. They also ‘modernized’ the building by covering the original log structure on the inside. Mr. Kunza owned a second hotel in Dryden and began to use the Lodge as a secondary rooming house.

The building changed hands again in 1957 when it was purchased by Alex and Eleanor Rychlo. The Rychlo’s began operating the dining room and banquet hall, in addition to renting out the rooms. The Lodge became a town meeting place and catered to business clientele as well.

In 1977, Ross and Helen Durance along with their daughter Susan and chef Barry Scherban purchased the building, and it became known as it is today: The Riverview Lodge. The new owners took on the job of renovating the interior of the building, which included removing the wall coverings and restoring the original logs. By August 1978 they were ready to open the dining room and in February 1981 the Lounge was in full operation.

Today, Susan Durance, Jordon Railian, and Barry and Suzanne Scherban continue to own and operate The Riverview Lodge. Come join us for a casual fine dining meal in our dining room, lunch, dinner or drinks in our lively lounge, or meet on our patio during summer months to enjoy the river views or a beach volleyball game. We pride ourselves on excellent service, great food and an inviting atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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